Vans – Be Part of It

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum
Love your Vans? Be part of the brand’s culture.

If there’s one thing that marks out street fashion brands from the rest of the pack, it’s the way they’re almost seamlessly integrated with the scenes that spawned them. Brands like Vans have grown out of the skating culture, whilst others are firmly linked to underground music or other sport sub-cultures. That means that you don’t just wear the brand – you’re part of it.

Take Part with Vans

Like many street brands, Vans gets constant exposure through the variety of events it organises and sponsors, giving its fans a real opportunity to get to know the label at close quarters. Whether you’re a keen skater yourself and you want to take part in competitions, or you just skate for fun but love to watch the best guys do their stuff, there are competitions and events across the UK that get you close to the action. Brands like Vans want you to get involved, love to meet their latest fans and want to introduce you personally to each new collection. The best way to get to know Vans is to take part.

Vans Make your Feet Sweet

There are lots of reasons why Vans trainers are so popular. With their fantastic sense of style, their design brings a breath of fresh air to the footwear market. Simple styling, plain colours, great accents and a really comfortable fit means that these trainers are bound to become your favourite footwear choice – unless you’re a fan already, in which case, it’s probably time you bought another pair.

Time to Get Involved

If the Vans brand appeals to you, take a look at how you can get involved. With its great style and affordability, along with the fact that you’re joining a real family of people who are passionate about what they do – having fun, looking great, feeling good – it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to wear Vans.

Vans at Footasylum

Whether you’re already a Vans fan or you’re trying the brand for the first time, you can shop at Footasylum. We stock a great range of Vans trainers, along with other leading street and sports brands, offering you real choice and value when it comes to looking great. Take a look at our site today and buy online through our secure site.