Vans Shoes: Friends of the Brand

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum A skater’s paradise would not be paradise without a pair of Vans shoes and it’s very clear that the footwear brand is incredibly interactive with a big group of friends endorsing its continued success.

Everyone wants to be popular. Everyone wants great references from their acquaintances. And the same goes for footwear brands and clothing labels. There are so many contributing factors to the success of a fashion brand, and there are some brands – such as Vans shoes -that focus heavily on creating enjoyment for its people.

The most obvious group that advocates the Vans brand is the professional skating community and names such as Aaron Sweeney, Chris Oliver, Howard Cooke, Sean Goff, Marc Churchill, Helena Long, Ben Grove, Pete King, Sam Beckett, Stephen ‘Rogie’ Roe, Mark Brew, Fave Watson, and Jake Collins are all fans of Vans footwear. This form of holistic championing from professional skaters has further increased the Vans label for skaters around the world.

Van shoes have been at the heart of the skating world since 1966 and today the social group surrounding this world famous label is huge. From skaters to musical legends, TV stars to sports celebrities, the Vans community is just enormous. But it’s not just about the simple act of endorsements and slick advertising. Vans shoes appeal to people from all walks of life and fame is just one small piece of the big puzzle; the Vans label is dedicated to creating a fashionable and functional shoe that is quite simply, “off the wall”.

Vans Shoes – “Off the Wall”

The Vans slogan remains as influential as it was back in 60s and over the years, more and more friends have added themselves to the social map. Iconic pals of the brand include rock band KISS, artist Jermaine Rogers, the Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden, skater and stuntman Daryl Dominguez, BMX pro Dan Lacey, professional snowboarder Laura Berry, Cancer Bats, Foo Fighters, Slipknot, Motorhead, Pearl Jam, Queens of the Stone Age, and many, many others.

Bands, pro skaters and other iconic figures make the brand what it is today – and the incredible level of popularity is a result of the interactive ways that the brand create such a rich community. The pro skating world has always been a major endorser of Vans shoes.

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