Vibrant Vans for Kicks with Attitude

Vans at footasylum
Vans at footasylum A pair of brighter than life Vans could give you the edge on the street with strut-worthy deck shoes that come with attitude as standard; complementing your getup, whatever your style.

Vans made a name for themselves in California back in the 70’s with revolutionary custom-made shoes that enabled people to create their own style. With more and more colourfully creative designs and prints came a cult-following that was determined to carry on the trend of self-expression and personal style. In their heyday, Vans were the must-have accessory. Californians still remember their first pair of Vans that have become synonymous with the area and people that had enough attitude to know that true style comes from within.

Reanimate the Retro with Vintage Vans

When Van Doren noticed Vans wearers colouring in the white soles with a checkered pattern; he immediately put into production shoes with checkered soles and then checkered canvas. The checkered slip-on Vans became iconic to the brand and are still sold worldwide today. Paul Van Doren’s business suffered greatly in the 80’s as a result of poor decisions made by a relative in the company. Re-emerging after the millennium, Vans shoes were reborn along with many of their iconic retro designs. With a cult-like following, Vans have again become the preferred shoes of the sportsman, the musician, the festival fanatic, the fashion-icon and a whole host of other guys that enjoy the heritage that comes with Vans shoes.

Classic Kicks: Iconic Vans Shoes

The truly inspirational Vans were ones that stood out from the crowd. Some of the most memorable and popular Vans shoes are still available to buy today.

Slip-On Vans – Slip on Vans were initially designed for use on boats but soon became a wardrobe staple for Californians and people around the world. This casual shoe is perfect for everyday wear.

Checkered Vans – The iconic checkered Vans really took off after Universal Studios requested a pair for their Sean Penn movie. After its release, Van Doren had little choice but to take their shoes to the rest of America that was eagerly awaiting their collection.

2Tone Vans – 2Tone Vans are the epitome of retro with their bowling-style contrasting colours. As the world of fashion goes Vintage, the popularity of these vintage-style Vans continues to soar.

Knock-Out Vans from Footasylum

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