Vans Footwear: More than Just a Skate Shoe

They’re ever popular with skaters, but there’s a pair of Vans footwear for everyone.

Skaters all over the world love Vans footwear for the rubber sole which is ideal for gripping a skateboard and some of the most popular shoes have been designed with skaters in mind. The shoes look good, are hardwearing, and are killer value. It may come as a surprise to some people then, that there are a multitude of Vans designs that aren’t quite as well-known as the traditional slip-ons or high tops.

Just about anyone can find a great pair of shoes in the Vans footwear range, whether you’re going on holiday, to a festival, or are staying here in the snow.

Here are three of the best products in the Vans range that you might not have heard of:

Vans Footwear for the Snow

Vans footwear isn’t exactly known for being ideal for trudging through muddy fields, but if the outdoors and messy festivals are you’re thing, then Vans have got you covered. The Rainfall welly is possibly the coolest Wellington boot that you can buy. Featuring that classic chequered pattern that Vans are known for, you can remain stylish even when ankle-deep in mud. They come in black and white or red.

Vans Footwear for the Beach

It might be freezing cold outside, but you can bet that there are some people planning a holiday to somewhere warm and sunny. For just such an occasion, you can buy Vans flip flops in a variety of colours for both men and women. The pick of the bunch are the black pair with a 3D chequered sole.

Vans Footwear for the Winter

Now this is a pair of shoes that everyone will appreciate for the upcoming season. The Alomar high-top hugs the ankles, and is available in suede and wool. Both are sure to keep your feet nice and warm this winter. They might look like basketball shoes, but we think that they’d look great as part of any casual outfit.

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