Fred Perry – Sheer Class

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum

The latest Fred Perry collection makes use of sheer fabric and classic design.

Fred Perry is now as desirable on the catwalk as it is on the tennis court, and the label’s new collection is no exception. Designed in collaboration with Raf Simons, the Belgian fashion designer, Fred Perry’s understated style is given true designer treatment – something that’s going to make it very popular in the months to come.

Fred Perry - Designer Talent

This is the third collection that Fred Perry and Raf Simons have produced together and the label is still a firm favourite with celebrities as well as the man and woman on the street. Pete Doherty recently requested Fred Perry’s Covent Garden store to remain open late for him, so that he could splurge £1,000 on the latest threads, only to discover when he got to the till that he had no cash. Bad news for the Fred Perry tills on that occasion, but not in the long run and certainly not if the latest clothing is anything to go by. Sheer fabrics and fitted cuts, along with metallic colours and subtle branding are the trademarks of this highly designer collection.

The Latest Fred Perry Trends

For many, Fred Perry is still a sporting brand, and its polo shirts in particular are seen as design classics. The non-sporting collections are now moving into real designer territory, with fine fabrics, design details and higher prices characterising new lines of clothing. This allows Fred Perry fans to have a wider choice of clothing – from affordable footwear, shirts and knitwear to higher priced catwalk items. The collections designed by Raf Simons have renewed interest in the Fred Perry label, and the company’s use of fantastic quality materials and flattering fits are ideal for its target market. And, of course, for those who really care about their labels, these collections carry both Raf Simons’ and Fred Perry’s names – immediately identifying you as someone who knows a thing or tow about fashion.

Fred Perry at FootAsylum

Fred Perry has always been a classy label, whether you just like the polo shirts, or you’ve been tempted by the other items in the company’s extensive collection. For some people, Fred Perry sneakers are the most comfortable footwear available, whilst others love the jumpers and cardigans – essentials in a 21st century man’s wardrobe. Whatever it is that you love about Fred Perry, you can buy clothes, sneakers and accessories online at FootAsylum. We specialise in great quality casual labels, and we also sell collections by G-Star, Nike and more.