Fred Perry Attracts New Fans

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum
Fred Perry Sportswear hopes that new fans will come from Murray success.

Andy Murray didn’t win Wimbledon, but he did get to the semi-finals, only to be knocked out by one of the hardest, toughest players on the circuit. Whilst Fred Perry Sportswear, the company that designed the exclusive kit that Murray played in, would have known that a win would bring a huge boost in sales, it can probably rest easy knowing that the Scot’s success at the All England Club has already won the brand some new fans.

Fred Perry – On The Up?

Fred Perry began as a sportswear line, but in recent years, it’s been its general clothing that has been most popular. The company is clearly keen for both types of clothing to attract new sales, and these is looking more likely as, in the same week that Andy Murray sported his tennis gear, Damon Albarn appeared on the Glastonbury stage wearing a Fred Perry shirt. Albarn is a known Fred Perry fan and the re-emergence of his band, Blur, on the festival scene this year will undoubtedly inspire some new fans to seek out Fred Perry clothing for their own wardrobes:

  • Fred Perry polo shirts – one of the top selling pieces of clothing in the brand range, the polo shirt was sported by Albarn and is a key piece of sportswear too. Whether you’re wearing it down on the courts or out round town, it’s a great piece of design with an easily recognisable logo.
  • Andy Murray replicas – Andy Murray is the first tennis player to have Fred Perry kit designed especially for him in nearly 40 years. Murray, and his doubles-playing brother Jamie both wore the exclusive kit at Wimbledon, but fans can buy replica kit for a similar price to a football shirt. No promises that it will improve your game, though.
  • More Fred Perry – jumpers, jackets, hats and trainers are all available within the brand range, so you can either kit yourself out completely in this label, or pick and choose the items you like best. If you’re a tennis player, check out the Fred Perry trainers – it’s a company that knows what it’s doing when it comes to tennis, and it’s no slouch on the style front either.
Fred Perry at FootAsylum

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