Fred Perry – Back to Basics

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum
Fred Perry is looking for a return to its original sportswear business.

After a period of quiet trading, Fred Perry has been a huge seller in recent years within fashion sub-culture groups. This has helped to keep the company in business and has attracted new fans to the designer clothing range, but Fred Perry still has an eye on the sporting market – where the clothing originally came from and where its true roots still remain.

Sportswear to Fashion – Fred Perry Leads the Way

Many of today’s leading designer names started in sports and moved into general fashion. The first brand to do this, however, was Fred Perry. Unintentional, but great for business, the Fred Perry sportswear line, particularly the polo shirt, was adopted by the Mod subculture in the 1950s. As the clothing was just becoming recognised on the tennis circuit, it was perfect timing for the brand, who suddenly had demand for the clothing from two entirely distinct markets. It’s a balance that the company’s been trying to keep ever since, and with different subcultures coming along all the time, adopting the famous Fred Perry logo for their own purposes, the company is still intent on increasing its share of the sporting market.

The Fred Perry Classic

The white polo shirt with the small laurel leaf logo is still Fred Perry’s classic designer item. It’s the one that resonates with all Fred Perry fans, whether famous or followers and it’s the one that translates from tennis court to nightclub and back. For many people, Fred Perry is the only label to have. The quality of the material, the classic cut and the understated logo are perfect for people who like their designer clothing to say something about them. Although there have been many variations on the original – including a range of colours, larger logos and of course a whole range of other clothing to go with it – the white Fred Perry polo remains a well-loved design classic.

Fred Perry for Sports

So, coming back to the company’s roots, which are entwined around great quality, performance clothing, is no surprise. Whilst brands come and go, and sports sponsorship deals are tied up with other designer labels, Fred Perry is making a re-entrance to a market that never quite forgot it, and is delighted to see it back with a vengeance. Whether it’s tennis clothing or sports footwear, Fred Perry, celebrating 100 years since the great man’s birth, is ready to take on the designer sportswear challenge.

Fred Perry at FootAsylum

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