Exploring the 90s Influences on Fred Perry Clothing

Fred perry at footasylum
Fred perry at footasylumSo far as decades go, the 90s has had one of the biggest influences on the clothes we wear today and this is something which certainly rings true with Fred Perry clothing. The Fred Perry range obviously found it's feet in the 60s but the 90s has had its part to play.
When looking around all the designer clothing fashion labels popular in the UK today, such as Gio Goi, Lacoste and Fred Perry, it is easy to see how the previous decades infuse their designs today. In the case of Fred Perry, the 1990s was one of the biggest influences on the brand as we see it today and a number of events helped to shape Fred Perry into its position as one of the UKs most popular designer clothing brands. Fred Perry have never been a clothing line that has craved the spotlight and this is something which has inevitably made them even more appealing to most designer clothing fans as they let their clothing and footwear speak for itself. The understated nature of Fred Perry is something which gives it an air of cool which widespread advertising simply couldn't and by reducing their marketing they have actually garnered more attention.
Fred Perry – Star Appeal in the 90s
Fred Perry clothing really came into its own in the 1990s in terms of its appeal in the eyes of celebrities from all corners of the entertainment world. Iconic stars such as Ewan McGregor from the acting world and musicians such as Moby and Badly Drawn Boy were often witnessed wearing Fred Perry clothing in the 90s and this is a trend which has continued into today's celebrity culture as Fred Perry footwear and clothing is just as popular amongst stars today as it was a decade ago. The 90s was a great decade for fashion with many new styles coming to the fore and many of these looks have been tweaked and reinvented to fit in with the more contemporary styling of today's fashion; and this is something which can certainly be applied to Fred Perry amongst others.
Looking at what makes Fred Perry stand out from the crowd
Essentially, what makes Fred Perry such an excellent choice is the fact that it boasts all the criteria that fashions fans are looking for when it comes to their designer clothes. What is immediately noticeable when looking at a Fred Perry polo shirt or pair of trainers, for example, is the tangible smartness and functionality of the piece. 2009 will be continue to be a massive year for Fred Perry clothing and nods to the 90's are likely to permeate many of their offerings over the next 12 months.
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