Fred Perry Tells Its Story

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred Perry is highlighting its history by sharing stories.

Fred Perry has already celebrated 100 years in the sports and fashion clothing business, and the brand is keen for its fans to get to know it a little better. With a long history of subculture as well as mainstream sportswear, Fred Perry is an iconic brand and the stories that make up its life are helping to shape its future.

Learning About Fred Perry

What do you know about Fred Perry? Most of us know a little about the man behind the name – the successful tennis player who began to design clothing for sportsmen, using the famous laurel wreath as a logo. This clothing was later adopted by the Mod subculture and has been popular with lovers of street fashion ever since. After a brief quiet period, the Fred Perry brand is back, and is winning new fans all the time, especially as it is still heavily involved in new music. In its latest promotion, Fred Perry is sharing stories about its clothing and asking you to do the same:

  • Tipping – Fred Perry’s stories are short and sweet, made for sharing, but they show exactly how influential the label has been on the clothing market. Tipping is the name given to the detail around the collar on a polo shirt and back in the 1950s, Fred Perry was the first label to add this style to its collection. Today, it’s a staple fashion detail.
  • Northern Soul – a subculture based around clubs in a few Lancashire towns, Northern Soul was largely disregarded by the Southern music scene, but built up a huge following and spawned new groups and music styles. Many fans wore Fred Perry shirts to Northern Soul nights.
  • The Perry Boys – again native to the North – particularly Manchester – this was a time in the 1970s when wearing Fred Perry identified you with a particular subculture, whether it was at a football match, a club or just hanging around town. Fred Perry clothing has always, it seems, inspired the rebel.

These are just some of the Fred Perry stories, showing how the brand has been consistently at the forefront of new music and the latest fashions.

Fred Perry at FootAsylum

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