Fred Perry – Heritage Bites Back

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum
Fred Perry has always been big, but the return of ‘poshness’ means heritage brands are making a big comeback.

The Guardian newspaper has published a feature on a new emerging trend in fashion – the rise of poshness. According to its fashion pages, looking posh is now not just socially acceptable, but fashionable. And that means not just what you wear – but how you talk and even eat. The upper classes it seems are in. Heritage brands like Fred Perry have always tapped into tradition, but Fred Perry also has a certain posh factor, perhaps because it is a brand that began in the ultimate upper class sport – tennis.

Fred Perry – The Rise of the Upper Classes

Brands like Barbour, a coat traditionally associated with the shooting classes, are reporting a roaring trade. Old-style clothes it seems are hip. And Fred Perry is the kind of brand that seems to fit perfectly with the socially elite as well as on the street. Heritage styles are hot with young people, and clothes usually associated with the very unfashionable world of hunting and fishing, have become a fashion item. It’s a look that inspired a new term for Londoners looking like countrified gents: the Hackney farmer.

The Country House Look

Posh brands and labels are in – from Fred Perry to Brogues, from tweed to even, bizarrely, monocles. According to the paper’s fashion journalist Charlie Porter, the trend has brought back a whole range of unlikely suspects, from waistcoats to bow ties for men. The Sloane look is back. And wearing a Fred Perry polo under a cardigan and blazer seems to be a sure-fire hit. Posh TV presenters are being hailed as role models – from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to Kirstie Allsopp. Being posh is no longer something to be ashamed of – even if you work in the media. And TV shows like Country House Rescue and Tears and Tiaras are reflecting our renewed interest in all things posh. Brands like Fred Perry may cross the class divide but there’s still something aspirational about the clothes.
It seems as well as the clothes and fashion, even country-house inspired food is back in. Sloanes love their gastropub food from apple crumble to rack of lamb. And the likes of Alex James from Blur – who was more likely to be spotted in a Fred Perry shirt on stage – is now reinventing himself as a country landowner who makes cheese.

Fred Perry at Footasylum

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