The Fred Perry Complex

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum
When it comes to sport, it seems we're all desperately nostalgic for those halcyon days when Fred Perry was the world's number one player.

It's hard to read a sports article online, in the paper, or in a magazine, without an air of British self defeat. The Brits seem to be good at loosing. Not since the days when Fred Perry won Wimbledon have we seen a British player come up top in tennis. In fact, Andy Murray who wears the Fred Perry brand triggered countless comparisons with the late, great Fred Perry (the tennis player). Fred Perry is perhaps rare in that the fashion label named after him hasn't outshone his reputation as a sportsman. And that is probably down to the fact Fred Perry was one of the last sporting heroes to emerge from Britain who consistently won titles. Fred Perry was a three-time Wimbledon champion and was seeded as the number one player in the world for five years – an eight-time Slam winner, Perry is the last British male player to win any of the grand slam events (so far), and just one of six men to have won all four grand slam events.

The Fred Perry Legacy

It isn't surprising that harking back to the golden days of Fred Perry when the British actually won tennis matches has created something of a 'Fred Perry complex'. The journalist Toby Young even penned an opinion piece entitled: Why British sports stars were born to lose. In it he writes of a hilarious new play called Gram Slam that “taps into the fantasy all British sport lovers indulge ... namely, that a home-grown player could win Wimbledon.” Being British, winning always has something of the wish fulfillment about it. Young says that the Brits winning in international sports is a fantasy “on a par with Star Wars.” The fact that we all got behind Tim Henman to be the next Fred Perry resulted in deflated hopes and rained on dreams. And after Henman, Andy Murray became the object of our affections, getting closer than any other Brit to living up to the winning name of Fred Perry. But he still lost Wimbledon in 2009.

Fred Perry Designer Clothes – A Winning Brand

Maybe wearing the Fred Perry brand is the closest most Brits will come to triumphing on the international sporting stage. Whether it's football, golf, tennis, or cricket, it seems nothing matches up to the unceasing nostalgia for Fred Perry at Wimbledon. And the question, no matter how different the size of the balls, is always the same – how long will it be till another British player comes along like Fred Perry and lifts up a trophy?

Fred Perry at FootAsylum

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