Fred Perry - Designer Office Space

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum

The Fred Perry HQ in London’s Covent Garden is sporting a modern twist on the brand’s famous laurel wreath.

Fred Perry is one of the UK’s oldest and biggest sporting and casual wear clothing labels. As possibly the country’s most successful tennis player, Fred Perry’s own brand was special and the clothing produced by the Fred Perry company today is equally well-loved. Putting the brand on the map, the company has its headquarters in London’s cool Covent Garden and its reception area showcases a design statement based on the label’s logo.

All-in-one Fred Perry Reception

When you’re visiting the headquarters of a major clothing brand, you want to be greeted with a space and service that clearly matches the brand values of the clothing. With Fred Perry, it’s all about blending tradition, contemporary design and all-round excellence. That’s exactly what designers BuckleyGrayYeoman designed for the company’s reception area. A single piece provides many functions:

  • Signage – the laurel wreath motif used by Fred Perry clothing since the championship player started the company is instantly recognisable, and needs to have pride of place in a flagship building. Using birch plywood, the designers have created a large version of the leaf, which is placed at the front of the window, highlighted by a minimalist white room behind.
  • Reception area – stretching back from the laurel wreath, bringing the two together in a single piece, is the reception desk. The fact that this area is an extension of the 3D logo removes the need for other furniture in the reception area, keeping the clean lines and quality build that the company is famous for.
  • Seating area – cleverly combined with the logo and the reception desk is a small seating area, also entirely joined to the logo. Visitors can wait here in comfort, effectively enveloped by the Fred Perry brand – a great start to a visit to the label’s HQ.

The overall effect of this piece of work is one of cohesion, form and function – exactly what you’d expect from the Fred Perry clothing range.

Fred Perry at Footasylum

Whilst you might not be visiting Fred Perry's head offices any time soon, you can wear the clothing whenever you like. Browse the Footasylum website for a fantastic collection of Fred Perry clothing and footwear and buy online for access to great prices.