Fred Perry team up with Raf Simons for Spring / Summer Collection

Fred perry at footasylum
Fred perry at footasylum
Fred Perry are a legendary fashion label so it makes sense that they have turned to a leading menswear designer with roots in youth fashion, Raf Simons, for their spring / summer collection in 2009. Fred Perry are one of the UK's most popular fashion labels.
There are so many great designer clothes labels such as Gio Goi, Diesel and Lacoste but few have found so much favour in the mind's of the British public than that of Fred Perry clothing and footwear. Fred Perry is quintessentially English having been the brainchild of British tennis legend, Fred Perry, and this is something that continues to permeate the brand today. The news that Fred Perry have secured the services of respected Belgian designer, Raf Simons, to provide a collection for their spring / summer collection this year isn't altogether surprising as the two have collaborated successfully before in 2008. Fred Perry is equally as well known now for their footwear as for their designer clothing and the distinctive laurel motif that is evident on all items of Fred Perry clothing is something which is one of the most striking visual representations of a brand out there.
Colour the key with Fred Perry / Raf Simons Collaboration
Fred Perry are known for not being ones to shy away from making a statement with their clothing and the spring / summer 09 collaboration with Raf Simons will be testament to that. The Fred Perry clothing stemming from this collection will boast vibrant colours such as oranges and royal blues and will certainly be amongst the most eye catching Fred Perry incarnations to hit the shelves over the next few months. Obviously, Fred Perry have established such a reputation for themselves over decades of unflinching fashion design that all their new offerings are eagerly anticipated by high street fashion fans and the clothing and footwear which will be hitting stores this spring and summer will certainly be no exception.
Finding your Fred Perry Look
The beauty of Fred Perry clothing lies in its diversity and the fact that, regardless of your own particular fashion sense, there is sure to be a form of Fred Perry footwear or clothing that fits the bill. Few clothing labels remain so true to their roots as Fred Perry and it is this continuity that has seen the British based label soar to new heights in the world of consumer fashion in recent years as more and more fashion aficionados climb aboard the Fred Perry bandwagon.
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