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When it comes to fashion, sport may be an unlikely partner, but Fred Perry was on the scene way before David Beckham.

Time was when sport was gruff and rough. The world of football and rugby was about pints, mud and lads. That all changed when David Beckham came along and started wearing designer clothes, sarongs, painting his nails and wearing diamond earrings. But rather than it being a flash in the pan, rugby players started waxing their chests and it wasn’t just the WAGs who aspired to looking well-groomed. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was a relatively new phenomenon that ties up with our obsession for celebrity and fame. But in fact, sportsman Fred Perry was in the designer clothes game decades ago.

Fred Perry – A Man of Style

It turns out you don’t have to go to fashion school to become one of the world’s biggest and most well known fashion brands. Fred Perry was certainly a dapper lad, but his skills lay in table tennis and lawn tennis. He is the only Brit to have won Wimbledon and the Davis Cup as well as countless other tournaments, showing his opposition who was the boss on the turf. And he did it in style – Fred Perry launched his own clothing label when he launched a sweatband and polo-shirt. Little did he know the Fred Perry brand would grow into one of fashion’s most cosseted labels.

Fred Perry – A Cult Classic

It seems being good at sport and having a natural style is all it takes to make it in the designer clothes game. Forget fashion school. Fred Perry launched a preppy style in the 1950s that was an instant hit, becoming something of a cult classic. Fred Perry was born in Manchester in 1909 and a hundred years on, his name is worn by some of the most fashion-conscious people and celebrities. The Fred Perry label has launched a special edition collection in honour of the centenary of Fred Perry’s birth. There’s no doubt that the man is worth celebrating – and not just for his suave, dapper style. As a sportsman he blazed a trail of glory. The legions of fans who wear the Fred Perry label have been dubbed as ‘Perry Boys’ known for their distinctive look and style.

Fred Perry attracts the older generation of men – the uncles and dads – who play tennis on a weekend, the preppy jocks and the young up and coming boys in rock bands, tapping into the retro vibe.

Fred Perry at Footasylum

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