Fred Perry and Andy Murray – A Double Celebration?

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum
British tennis star Andy Murray began his association with designer clothes brand Fred Perry when he first emerged as Britain's most promising talent.

In 2009, Andy Murray will enter Wimbledon as Britain's most promising hope. 2009 is also the year that marks the Fred Perry Centenary. And Murray is helping to celebrate the anniversary of one of Britain's greatest tennis stars by helping to design a unique Fred Perry tennis outfit to play at the event. Fred Perry was the last Brit to win Wimbledon. Born in 1909, the Fred Perry clothing line is celebrating 100 years since the great sportsman's birth. Fred Perry won three Wimbledon trophies in his lifetime and is associated with a golden era in British tennis. Since Perry, there have been glimmers of hope – namely in the form of Tim Henman. But when he crashed out of the game, all eyes were on Andy Murray as the next big British hopeful.

Could Murray be the Next Fred Perry?

Andy Murray is the number four seed, whereas Fred Murray was the world's number one for five years. As well as leading the way on the tennis court, Fred Perry showed his flair for fashion, and is credited for inventing the sweatband, as well as launching an iconic line of sports shirts in 1952. The Fred Perry laurel logo has gone on to back a huge fashion empire as Fred Perry is one of the most sought after labels for men's and women's clothing and footwear. Although today, the Fred Perry brand may have its fashion fingers in many cultural pies, it still holds onto its original commitment to tennis. Fred Perry joined forces with Andy Murray when he was emerging as a promising talent. And throughout his career as he's risen to be number four player in the world, he's worn Fred Perry – from Roland-Garros to Wimbledon. In 2008, Murray reached the Wimbledon quarter-finals, and was the first Brit to reach a Grand Slam final in a decade. 2009 could be his winning year at Wimbledon – there would be something poetic if he won the title in the centenary year of Fred Perry's birth wearing the Fred Perry logo. And according to critics, he could be the best chance for a Brit to win the tournament since Fred Perry. Former Wimbledon star Pat Cash has spoken to the press, saying Murray was the best chance of succeeding where Tim Henman failed. He said: “He is getting close already to a Grand Slam and Wimbledon will be an extra boost.”

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