Fred Perry – Street Labels Need Music

Fred perry at footasylum

Fred perry at footasylum

Street wear is tightly bound with the latest music sub-cultures, as Fred Perry knows only too well.

As a long-established designer clothing brand, Fred Perry knows all about the importance of being ahead of the game when it comes to music and street culture. In the 1950s, Fred Perry was the chosen label of the Mod sub-culture, and from that point onwards, the brand has kept in close contact with the next big things in music and with its retro styling and cool branding, it’s still the brand of choice for many of today’s musicians.

Fred Perry – and the Competition

It’s not just Fred Perry that understands the importance of growing with the music scene. More recent brands such as Gio Goi and Henleys have grown out of the music scene and still clothe both the musicians and their fans – because where the bands go, the fans will follow. It’s hard to find a designer clothing label website that doesn’t devote some space to bands, music, art and sub-culture – from Nike to Converse, this is an incredibly important part of their brand message: we’re cool; we’re worn by the coolest people making the coolest sounds. Fred Perry has an entire section of its website devoted to up and coming bands from across the UK, as well as groups from around the world, interviews, gig lists and competitions. It’s a seriously up-to-date list of bands, getting excellent promotion through one of the best-known street brands in the world.

Getting Fred Perry Exposure

So if you’re an emerging band, how do you get picked up by Fred Perry or other leading labels? You need to be making the right music – not mainstream, but Indie, Alternative, Dance or Experimental. You need to have attitude and a new way of thinking – and it helps if you wear your favourite labels for photo shoots and CD or download artwork. Fred Perry has made music its second most important medium after its clothing and devotes a huge amount of time to making sure it’s spotting and promoting new and exciting talent.

Fred Perry Clothing at FootAsylum

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