It's been 64 days since the UK was put into lockdown, and it's given us plenty of time to become pros at navigating through the 'new normal' of staying at home.

So we decided to reach out to our Instagram followers to see how they've been coping with lockdown and asked them to share their lockdown hacks.

If you're struggling with working from home, the gyms being closed or beating the boredom we've got you covered.


Working From Home

Of course, we admire all of the key workers making their way into work everyday but it's also important to remember that working from home can also be challenging in other ways. 

Whether it's struggling to focus when the weather's nice or it's missing communicating with your co-workers we've got some hacks to get you through.

"Treat yourself- made it through the morning without getting distracted? Order a Deliveroo for dinner or spend some time on your Xbox."

"Keep a routine. We all hate our alarms but sticking to your normal working day stops you from getting distracted."

"Listen to podcasts so you don't feel like you're alone. Spend the day with your favourite celebrities."



Home Workouts

With gyms closed, we've had to get a bit creative with how we workout from home so our Instagram followers had some top tips for working out at home.

"Workout everyday- I started lockdown struggling to do 20 pushups now I can do 180."

"Make the most of your daily walk or run."

"If you don't have weights at home find everyday items like bottles of water and tins to curl. They're not massive weights but better than nothing."

"100 situps and 100 squats a day."

"I run 50 times a day from my bed to the fridge, the perfect kind of cardio."



Killing Time

In between working from home and working out there's a lot of spare time that we need to try and kill. Apart from completing Netflix there's plenty of stuff you could be doing.

"Cleaning my shoes and admiring my trainer collection."

"I've started watching YouTube instead of Netflix, Chunkz and Filly's videos on Footasylum are getting me through."

"Choose a new hobby- I've started making my own music."

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