Into our 3rd week of Lockdown and its fair to assume most of us have finished watching whatever series we had on the go before we all had to stay inside like some month- long hangover day.

So, instead of spending more and more time staring at your bedroom walls, re-enacting wrestlemaina or pranking your parents on TIKTok (all good activities, by the way) add some new TV into the mix - lull your parents/ siblings into a false sense of security with a few episodes of The Stranger, then RKO them through the kitchen table. Who said staying at home wasn’t fun. 

Tiger King

It’s impossible to move on social media without seeing some kind of tribute to what looks set to be one of the Netflix shows of the year. It’s worth noting, too, that its kicked up such a reaction that the Carole fxxxxxg Baskin has come out with a statement against the filmmakers, and its rumoured that a follow-up episode is dropping soon. And incase you didn’t know, its about big cats and bad haircuts. Go watch it. 

Stranger Things

3 seasons of monster-alien-plant things terrorising a sleepy American town. Add in government conspiracy, some coming-of-age story arcs and a heavy dose of 80’s nostalgia and you’ve got a 33 episode run of remembering how good it was to be a kid riding your bike to your mates house. 

The Stranger

A mysterious woman goes round spouting secrets - Mum, is that you?

Making a Murderer

One of the First Netflix original docu-series to get Tiger-King levels of pop-culture fame, even if you’ve heard about what happens, nothing compares to taking in the 10-part first season first hand. With a second series following up on the story of Steven Avery, spend about 20 hours with an open mouth wondering why Americans are like this. 


I get it, you can’t stalk anyone anymore because you have to stay inside. You will scratch that itch for you.

Black Mirror

With each episode walking the line between sci-fi dystopia and real life, its easy to waste another 20 minutes after each show chatting about how that could happen in a few years. Throw in Bandersnatch, the ‘choose your own adventure’ film, and you’ve got a good few days worth of entertainment sorted. 

Sex Education

Really good, but make sure your parents are doing a virtual pub quiz or something while you’re watching it. Trust me.

Top Boy

Genuinely some of the best British TV of last decade - so good Drake went from fan to producer to bring it back for its 3rd season. Cameos from grime royalty throughout and a starring performance good enough for younger viewers to know Kano as an actor rather than an MC. Just remember to start with ‘Top Boy: Summerhouse’.

Breaking Bad

Watch the full series again, then the film. What else did you have planned?