Isolation can be tough. But don't worry Footasylum is here to banish your boredom. For our latest series, which was produced, filmed and edited remotely, we sent cameras and challenges to the Beta Squad house for Chunkz and AJ to compete in a series of Lockdown games.

AJ and Chunkz vs A Bird Box

If you're feeling bad about not being that productive over lockdown, this series is here to remind you that being productive doesn't always have the best results. As Chunkz and AJ tackle making a birdbox labelled for ages 6 and up on the box, we discover that DIY might not be the YouTuber's strong point.


AJ Challenges Chunkz To A Board Game Marathon

If you're bored in the house and in the house bored, chances are you've got some old board games stuffed away somewhere. If not just sit back and watch as AJ and Chunkz take on Guess Who, a Reaction Test and the Yes or No Game- it's as chaotic as you're imagining.

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