From leading the Knives Down, Bikes Up movement to being the face of some of our biggest Nike launches, we've always been a fan of Jake 100 which is why we're proud to be sponsoring Off the Streets - bike races like no other.

Off the Streets is a three-race series being held in Brighton, Gravesend and London, with the first series taking place this Sunday in Brighton.

The collaboration between Jake100’s initiative Down To Ride and London based fixed gear race team One Life Cycle aims to build bridges with two wheels.

There are three bike categories, Men’s and Women’s Fixed Gear Championship, Any Bike Championship and Wheelie Championship with riders having the chance to win Footasylum prizes.

The rider with the most points in each category will win prizes at each round with the winner of the overall series competition being announced in London in October.

Off the Streets is the first series in the world to have Wheelie Elimination races, criterium styled racing on fixed gear bikes and an ‘Any Bike’ category where competitors battle it out on anything from a unicycle to a BMX bike.

The series kicks off in Brighton on Sunday 8th August with riders racing at Brighton Karting, a 800m course with long straights and sweeping bends.

Keep up to date with the current standings here.