With so much spare time you officially have no excuse for not watching those TV series everyone has been nagging you to watch.

So if you've finally had enough of becoming the next TikTok sensation, queueing to get in the supermarket or you need to take your mind off your lockdown trim- we've got you covered.

Gangs of London
Streaming on: Sky

Ever wondered what would happen if the head of London's most powerful crime family was murdered? Well judging by Gangs of London there'd be blood, fire and a power struggle- sounds like the perfect TV series.

White Lines
Streaming on: Netflix

The body of a legendary Manchester DJ is discovered 20 years after he went missing from party island Ibiza. If you want to watch people living on the edge while you spend your 10th week on lockdown White Lines is the series for you.

Money Heist
Streaming on: Netflix

With part four of the epic Spanish thriller being released earlier last month, there's never been a better time to binge-watch this series which started in 2017. Witness an unusual group of robbers attempt to carry out the most perfect robbery in Spanish history- worth 2.4 billion euros.

Killing Eve
Streaming on: BBC iPlayer

Assassinations and a game of cat and mouse, do you really need much more from a TV series? Killing Eve is an extreme spy-action thriller which you really have no excuse for not watching during lockdown.

After Life
Streaming on: Netflix

After his wife died unexpectedly, Tony's nice-guy persona has been replaced by an impulsive 'who cares' facade. The perfect watch for when it's raining outside and you need a bit of a laugh.