There are two types of people in isolation; those who embrace the caveman look and let their hair grow uncontrollably, and then there are the DIY hairdressers and these are the ones you should definitely be more scared of.

Whether someones tried for a fade on the sides and ended up with buzz cut or tried to trim their locks and ended up with a bowl cut we all know a DIY lockdown barber.

Of course, we've got a huge selection of caps to help you cover up your lockdown trims but we've also put together a collection of our favourite lockdown haircuts to make you feel a little bit better.

Your girlfriend will never beat your barber

Just don't let her near the clippers.


Sometimes going the whole way is the only option

Probably saving yourself a lot of hassle.


Dog trimmers are not a good idea
We know you're desperate but please put the dog clippers down.


Turn yourself into an 80s wrestler

Why not?

Killing the game.

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Being a world-famous footballer doesn't keep you safe

Fame and fortune won't protect you from the razor.

Stay home and keep stylish ????‍????‍??‍??‍?? #stayhomestaysafe

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Check the batteries

We don't need to explain this one.

Keep the dog out of it

They've already got to stare at your dodgy haircut- don't give them one too.