When it comes to year-round style, black is the ultimate go-to colour for any wardrobe. Guaranteed to match almost anything (including black), you can't go wrong with the stealthiest colour going.

To show you just how versatile of a colour it really is (and in celebration of Black Friday), we've put together some of the best black stuff from the Footasylum shelves:


This look is a great example of how to dress in black your own way. Start off with a simple base like the Gym King longline tee, and a pair of Glorious Gangsta Dalvid Superslim Denim for a fitted but casual look. 

Layer up by adding a Nike Fleece wind runner zip-through top and the lightweight Kings Will Dream jacket to keep you warm and weatherproof.


Finish everything off with a pair of iconic Nike kicks, the Nike Air Max 90 trainers or Nike Air Presto are definitely a good shout.  


This look is designed to protect you from the elements.

The 4Bidden Radar Bomber Jacket is a blend of different shades of black in an understated camo print. 

Put it together with a Tommy Hilfiger logo tee and a pair of Sinners Attire ripped jeans before completing the look with a pair of triple black Nike Air Huarache trainers.