With less than two days till the Black Friday weekend hits, you'd better get yourself prepped.

We’ve put together a Black Friday survival guide to help you make it through to Cyber Monday. 

1. Make a plan


It's probably not the best idea to head out blindly to the shops on Black Friday.

Decide which shops you want to hit up way ahead of time and there's less chance you'll get caught out in the crowds.

2. Prepare your outfit


It might be cold outside, but shops can get pretty damn warm!

Make sure your outfit includes a few layers so you can switch it up depending on whether you're stuck inside a 1000-degree shopping centre or caught queuing outside in a thunderstorm.

3. Bring supplies


Black Friday shopping is hard work! Make sure you've got the energy you need and plan in food breaks between shops.

Better still, fill your pockets with some quick fix snacks to pick you up if you get hit by the sale rail slump.

4. Stay focussed


Deals can be distracting. Make sure you got what you came for before you look at anything else, or you'll have run out of money before you know it!

5. Check for updates


Talk to the staff in store, or check retailer’s social pages for info on what offers they’re doing or what's already sold out.

You don’t want to be desperately going from store to store for a pair of creps that already sold out a few days ago.

6. Keep your cool


Unfortunately you're not always going to find what you want, but keep calm and check whether it's still available online. The internet is your friend!

7. Bring your squad  


Black Friday is better in groups. Bring you squad, spread out and tackle more shops in a shorter space of time.

8. Shop online 


If the thought of heading out in the crowds makes you feel queezy, don't forget that Footasylum are doing Black Friday offers online all week!

Get all of the hottest deals and drops from the comfort of your own home. Check out the latest daily deals and make this Black Friday breezy.