A reinvention of the uncontested classic, the Chuck II takes the foundations that made the original stand the test of time and introduces modern technology for an infinitely smoother ride.

Acknowledging the fact that Converse kicks are rarely seen on basketball courts in the 21st century, the Chuck Taylor II ups comfort and durability, making them even more suited to a hard day’s street stomping.

Women's Converse Chuck II

A heavy canvas upper improves support, holding your foot in place and stopping any slippage. Much more resistant to wear and tear, you would've thought it was impossible make All-Star sneaks even longer-lasting.

Extra padding to the tongue also enhances comfort. Elasticated to make it non-slip, it stays in place and doesn’t rub.

Chuck II Lunarlon Sole

Bringing the 98 year old silhouette into the present day, the biggest addition to its long list of features is the introduction of revolutionary Lunarlon insoles. Bumping up responsiveness, they wave goodbye to the age-old problem of having to break-in your sneaks and make the Chuck Taylor II good to go from day one.

Women's White Converse Chuck Taylor II

Boasting a stark white midsole, coloured upper and matching eyelets, these kicks are an undeniable upgrade that respect their past as much as they improve on it. From rock stars to rappers, the Chuck Taylor has been worn around the world for nearly 100 years, and the Chuck II will make sure it stays that way. 

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