2Pac – Do For Love

One of the most chilled hip hop tracks of all time, ‘Do For Love’ shows just how diverse 2Pac’s rhyming talent was. Even if the main premise of the lyrics is being stuck in a relationship with someone you don’t really want to be with, the beat has got Valentine’s Day written all over it.

Snoop Dogg Ft. Pharrell Williams - Beautiful

Snoop might be the biggest player in the history of the game, but that doesn't make 'Beautiful' any less seductive. Especially with Pharrell's high-pitched tones added into the mix, you've got a track that's guaranteed to get you in the good books this Valentine's.

Jay Z & Beyonce – ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde

The world’s favourite celebrity couple, ‘’03 Bonnie and Clyde’ takes things right back to the very start of Jay and Bey, bringing them together for their first collaborative track. A classic R&B/hip hop crossover, it’s the perfect song to let someone know just how much they mean to you, without having to bust out any cheese.

Meek Mill Ft. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown – All Eyes On You

Perhaps not the world’s favourite celebrity couple, but definitely a popular one, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have been in the spotlight a lot recently thanks to some ongoing beef with Drake. That aside, ‘All Eyes On You’ is a sun-filled banger with love-filled lyrics. And as if that wasn’t enough, Chris Brown sings the chorus.

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