We’ve had tricks, challenges and mischief. On Week 1 of Locked In we have seen the house flipped upside down by our YouTubers turned housemates.

The series kicked off to a friendly start, but as soon as teams were split up, the games were on. Secret challenges saw housemates going behind everyone’s backs, sabotaging the tasks and creating fiery arguments. Vee’s Ginger beer gate was just the start of this. Let’s not forget, week 1 saw first aid called to help as Bash twisted his ankle during the cycling challenge. If it couldn’t get any crazier, JMX and Eleanor spent a day handcuffed and lots of roadman lessons for Becky.

Now, as we enter week 2 of Locked In, we’re seeing tensions rise and homesickness kick in- or maybe that’s phone sickness. The house is in need of a shake up, and the housemates have no idea what is coming their way.

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