The Locked In final is officially here!

Two weeks ago we locked 10 creators into a house with no access to the outside world with £10,000 on the line. From group challenges and secret missions to dates and roasts, season two of Locked In has had it all.

We're not going to spoil the final for you but tonight we finally crowned the winner of Locked In 2021.

Find out who wins in the final episode of Locked In at 7pm on Thursday 18th November:


In 2021 we locked Darkest Man, Johnny Carey, Spuddz, Anastasia Kingsnorth, Millie T, LDN Movements, Stephanie Toms, Jemel One Five, Some Jokeman, Anisa Farah and Arthur TV into one house and let them battle it out over a series of challenges, secret missions and pranks in a bid to win £10,000.

This year we also gave YOU even more control over our housemates' everyday lives, from treats and rewards to punishments and evictions - the power was in your hands.

You can relive the best bits of Locked In 2021 right here.

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