With just over a month to go before their explosive rematch, KSI and Logan Paul went head to head at a press conference in London last night and luckily for you we were there to get the lowdown from KSI himself.

The pair's first fight in August last year was dubbed the ‘Biggest Internet Event in History’ and the rematch on the 9th November in Los Angeles is predicted to be just as huge.

More than 3000 fans attended the press conference at the Troxy in London last night, with the start time having to be delayed because of the colossal turnout.

After a pretty intense conference, we caught up with the man KSI to see how he was getting ready for the biggest night of his life.

Watch the full interview below for the lowdown on how KSI is feeling about November 9th- he’s also got some pretty big news to announce…

How are you feeling about the fight?

I’m just ready. I’m ready to fight even now, like, I can’t wait to get in that ring and just destroy him man. He was moving around like a clown, looked like he had a problem. He was so sporadic and bouncing around, he couldn’t keep calm.

I was calm and collected because I know what I have been training for. When I get in that ring he’s just going to feel the power, I’ve just levelled up. He’s gonna be running, he’s going to be scared.

You were really calm tonight, is that how you’re approaching the fight?

Obviously we were calm when it comes to the press conference but best believe were not when it comes to training, we work hard, so hard. People will see eventually how hard we work; I’ve been training harder than the last fight.

If you support Logan- that’s a shame. If you support me well played. You’re gonna see a big fight and you’re going to see a bug knockout trust me. Logan’s getting finished mark my words.

What’s your big news?

I’m gonna be releasing a new single with some big big features, features no one is even going to suspect.

I’m going to beat Logan and two days after I’m going to be filming a music video.

Can you give us the name of the track?

Erm I can, it’s called Down Like That.

Here at The Lowdown, we’re mega-hyped for this explosive rematch and you can shop the KSI collection at Footasylum while you count down to the 9th November.