KSI and Logan Paul’s clash on the 25th of August is billed as the biggest event in YouTube history – a fact that far overshadowed boxing records standing at 1-0 and 0-0 respectively. 

Fans lined the streets outside of York Hall before and after what could prove to be a key moment in the high-profile matchup, with security barely keeping order as KSI supporter’s scaled roofs and fences in the aftermath of a very one-sided press conference. 

JJ and Logan took to the stage after their brothers (fighting on the undercard) had suitably hyped-up the crowd. Any attempt by Jake Paul to answer questions on his training regime, and motivations to fight Deji was drowned out by choruses of ‘BORING’ conducted by ComedyShortsGamer.

By the time Logan took the stage, the atmosphere was electric. KSI took to the stage in full KWD, putting on a show and commanding the room -  shutting down Paul and forcing him to make an early exit. With many questions left unanswered, we managed to catch up with KSI and Deji in the moments after they left the stage to get their thoughts on what goes down as one of the loudest live events we’ve ever witnessed. 

KSI and Logan Paul clash at the Manchester Arena on August 25th. Stay tuned to the Footasylum YouTube channel for exclusive content on the fight, and updates as they happen - subscribe here

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