KSI beats Logan Paul after six rounds in the ring

This weekend two of the biggest YouTube stars of our time took their battle offline and into the ring.

KSI and Logan Paul first clashed in 2018, with the fight ending in a draw, which lead them to this weekend’s highly anticipated rematch. They headed out to sunny LA ready to settle the war once and for all at the Staples Centre.

The stats

Most subscribers - KSI
Most views - KSI
Most Insta followers – Logan Paul

The result

After a tough six rounds in the ring, the match was handed to KSI in a split decision by 55-56, 57-54, 56-55, leaving the Watford-born star beaming, before he quickly announced that was that. No rematch, no more boxing; he had proved his point and was done.

Logan didn't take the beating well, with his refusal to touch gloves at the end his final diss to his oponent before he left the arena. 

What's next?

KSI confirmed there would be no further matches between the two, so watch this space to see if this is his last dabble in the ring. In the meantime, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more from our winner and to take a behind the scenes look of the before, during and after of his fight.