So tight, but so funny. Good friend of Footasylum and one half of the UK’s biggest hip hop duo, Konan was the victim of some brutal pranking thanks to his (supposed) Play Dirty brother, Yungen, and 1Xtra host, A Dot.

Appearing on Dotty’s show to promote his new single ‘Take My Number’, Yungs called Konan up to convince him he’d bumped in to a girl called Jade from Sheperds Bush (played by A.Dot) who Konan had got pregnant. Vexed about Konan’s lack of child support, Jade threatens to put pictures of him asleep up on Instagram, before laying in to him fully for a good couple of minutes.

Check out the clip for some seriously funny shenanigans, including the moment Konan’s voice went so high-pitched, only dogs could hear it:

Needless to say, when the truth comes out, Konan is massively relieved! And probably never going to believe anything Yungen says again…