With uni starting again it's time to start figuring out your fellow housemates just by looking at what course they are studying. Check out below what each university degree says about the student - brace yourself for some home truths.

Sports Science

These guys are the British Uni equivalents of the Jocks in American High School movies. They’re the cool guys who turn up to Uni at 1 minute to 9, in a fresh new tracksuit and the latest trainers. They love sport. They aced PE at A-Level and were the captains of all the teams at school. They come in packs, often found in the student union, they are in top shape due to the fact their lectures take place in the gym. They’re up for anything, always game for a night out and often make a joke at your expense. They probably end up being a P.E teacher or a Rugby Coach - making kids run around in the cold for their love of sport. 


Medics are exceptionally good drinkers, probably the best at Uni. Maybe it’s because they know exactly how much their limit is. Frankly, it’s impressive by how much they can drink whilst putting in triple the hours at Uni than anyone else. You don’t need to ask what course they study, because they’ve probably already told you. You never see them at home and when you text to see where they are “I’m at the library, doing an all-nighter”.



Psychology students thought they’d go to Uni and end up answering those lifelong questions like ‘is the Earth flat?’, but instead they ended up having to convince their mates to do endless questionnaires every week. They’re ready to offer advice at any opportunity and often take a back seat in conversations, psychoanalysing everyone else and always end up judging all your bad habits. They often end up doing something completely irrelevant to their degree after Uni and still haven't figured out the answers to some of those oh so important questions.

English Literature

Everyone thinks English Literature students lay around spending all day reading, when in reality they lay around doing pretty much nothing. They blow their student loan buying all the books they could ever need, putting them to good use on Instagram, posting their afternoon in the local coffee shop with their latte, book and abstract caption. English students are in a world of their own, tweeting Shakespeare, going out 3 times a week and still managing to bag a 2:1.


Business Studies

Business studies students love their course, they love group work and they love using PowerPoint to explain and present absolutely anything. They know all the special effects, making text appear one word at a time to draw out their presentation and maximise your misery. They never appear stressed with their work, often leaving it to the last minute and still acing any presentation or exam. They tend to have a rather laid back approach to Uni and their love for business actually seems to disappear after Uni as they’re still figuring out what they actually want to do in life.


Fashion students are very defensive about their degree, complaining that people don’t take them serious enough and their degree is more challenging than most. They’ve seen one too many episodes of Project Runway or Ugly Betty and think they’re the next big thing. You actually never see fashion students in lectures, but you’ll see them on campus setting the bar in their well-dressed outfit, paid for by their student loan of course. But when they are attending Uni, you’ll often see this evidenced on their Insta story, with a filter, a latte and a cute notebook. What actually goes on in these lectures?



Law students sure make it known that they study Law, letting everyone know on the group chat or the library café “I can’t come tonight I have a HUGE Law assignment to do”. They tell everyone they are studying to become a professional lawyer and always take pub arguments way too seriously. Never argue with a law student, they’ll always catch you out.

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