Sometimes, one isn’t enough. The best things in life are better with company, even if that company consists of another pair of Air Force 1’s for when the ones on your feet aren’t white any more.
Double Cheeseburgers

Self-explanatory really. Take a juicy patty (cow, chicken, pork, deer, beans, quorn – we don’t discriminate), grab the cheese of your choice, add some seasoning , maybe fry off some onions, lightly toast your bun, line up your condiments (ketchup, mayo, mustard, chilli, garlic, even brown sauce – again, no judgement here), and stack your components in whatever order you see fit.

Look at what you’ve just created. It’s beautiful, but not perfect; your burger is lonely. Do the right thing - introduce another patty. Friendship tastes better than solitude.
Double Denim

Jeans truly are the workhorse of the modern casual wardrobe. Since the 1800’s they’ve been pulled on by gold miners, Hip Hop moguls and everyone in between. They’re durable, go with pretty much anything and great for students because somehow you can wear the same pair for days on end without smelling like a stray dog.

For the discerning jeans wearer, there is only one thing better than covering your lower half in denim: simultaneously decking out your top half in the stuff too. Don the Canadian tuxedo for weddings, christenings, bar mitzvahs, and your Wednesday morning lectures.  
Double Bed

On average, you spend about 1/3 of your short life in bed. This figure peaks while you’re at Uni, with students spending approximately 5/8s of their time horizontal. While effective, the single bed is at best a comfortable coffin, and at worst a plush prison offering little-to-no freedom for the occupant(s!).

Get a double bed. This is a minimum requirement – if you can fit a Queen, King, Super King in your room then do it, do it even if it means moving your wardrobe to the hallway. Do it if it means forgoing a bed frame and living in a room that is basically carpeted with a mattress. Your Mum won’t approve, she’ll say it looks like a squat, but what does she know? I’ve moved out Mum, you have no power here.
Double Vodka

‘Everything in moderation’ is a phrase that only really comes into play when you’ve got a real job and have to pay taxes and do a big food shop every week. Before that, moderation is something that only exists in the minds of commuters and in the pages of the dictionary.

Plus, when your student bar is knocking out doubles for £2, who are you to refuse? This said, please drink responsibly – the last thing we want is vomit all over your £700 Super King.

Double UNLCKD Points  

The aforementioned doubles are good, but they don’t give you that feeling of unboxing a fresh pair of sneakers, the crinkle of the branded paper and the smell of the virgin leather, Flyknit or Boost. You get a student loan, and we know you’re not going to spend it all on books and stationery.

So, when you spend it on those Air Max 270’s you need for the new term, make sure you do it on one of our Footasylum Student Events, where every purchase you make will hit your UNLCKD account with DOUBLE POINTS. That means you’ll get an £11.49 voucher back for full-priced 270s. It’s the smartest decision you’ll make since actually revising for your exams.

Keep your eyes on our channels for details of your local in-store student event, because as well as double points you’ll get 20% off. Not bad. Not bad at all. 

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