How to get
rewards from Footasylum

1. Download the
Footasylum App

Access UNLCKD through
the Footasylum App

2. Once downloaded

Look for the padlock
in the menu

3. Start getting

Shop online & in-store
to start earning rewards

Win money can't buy prizes

UNLCKD has sent members to New York, Tokyo, Ibiza and Berlin, and given away £1000s of pounds worth of new wardrobes in collaboration with our partners.

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How does it work?

  1. Download the Footasylum App and tap the padlock icon to sign into UNLCKD
  2. Shop through the app, scan in-store or sign in to your account online to earn points
  3. Points turn into money off vouchers after 28 days
  4. More points, more prizes. Level up for bigger rewards

Frequently asked.

Yes. UNLCKD can be used for online or in store purchases. When shopping online, make sure you are logged into your UNLCKD account when checking out and your points will be recorded the same way they would in store.

Simply open the UNLCKD page on the app on your phone or log into your account, and your barcode will be scanned and your points will be collected.

All of our staff know UNLCKD like the back of their hand, so will be happy to assist you.

Double points means you earn double the rewards. Normally, for every £10 you spend, you would earn a 50p voucher, so when it’s double points it means you earn £1 for every £10 spent. Double points events are a really quick and easy way to build up your rewards at no extra cost to yourself.

Your voucher will appear in your UNLCKD account 28 days after your purchase. Once cleared, simply present your voucher at the till or select it at the checkout stage when shopping online. You must be logged into your account to claim your vouchers online.

No, there is no minimum spend when using UNLCKD.

Go to your app store, search Footasylum, download the app, create an account and begin earning rewards. Easy!

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Get money back. On everything.