These are the New Year's resolutions that all sneakerheads should be following in 2016:

#1 Always protect your creps

At some point we've all put on a new pair of trainers and stepped right out into the rain. Give it half an hour and you've got splash marks all over that nubuck leather. 2016 is the year that we fully protect our creps.

#2 Rock, don't stock

If you're guilty of copping a pair of sneaks that you've never worn then this is the year to give it up. Trainers weren't made to just sit in a box as a collector's item! They might be super rare, but who cares when they never make it out of the house.

#3 Branch out

It's easy to get comfortable and stick to the same brands, but 2016 is the year to branch out and pick up something unfamiliar. Whether you're an avid three stripes collector or love anything with a swoosh on the side, you might find something you like in uncharted territory.

#4 Believe the hype

It's pretty frowned upon to be a "hypebeast" but this year we're saying embrace the hype, and if something's bringing heat then maybe you need to pick it up. Camp out, join the queue, wake up early... don't be moaning about the limited kicks that you missed out on and get involved.

#5 Don't hold back

To put it simply, if you want it, then go buy it. Stop all the hesitating and cop what you want, you won't regret it when your outfit's killing it later.

#6 But cop responsibly

Even though we just said don't hold back, you should 100% cop responsibly. Don't be halving your meals so that you can afford the premium stuff. If you want it then you'll just have to graft that bit harder!

#7 Take good Instagram photos

2015 was without a doubt the year of the sneaker-gram. Every sneakerhead out there has upped their game when it comes to sneaker shots, and you don't want to be left behind. Scope out new locations and up your image quality. You'll thank us when everyone starts taking note. 

#8 Stay ahead of the game

Make sure that you always know what's launching next. Always check out The Lowdown for all of the latest sneaker info, or head over to our mates at The Sole Supplier for all the latest UK releases!

Have you made any other sneakerhead resolutions for 2016? Let us know in the comments!