Starting as a humble running sneaker, the unparalleled comfort of the Roshe combined with lightweight materials quickly transformed it into a street style staple, now seen on the feet of guys and girls all over the world.

Designed by Dylan Raasch, the design process for the Roshe started back in 2010. Raasch presented the idea for the shoe to a room full of Nike staff and received an awkward silence, but knew it had potential to work and took it home to develop in his spare time.

The concept behind the sneaker was inspired by the Zen and simplicity of meditation. A Zen master is called a “Roshi”, which is where the name of the shoe is taken from. The decision to change the “i” to an “e” was simply for legal reasons.

The Roshe Run is running stripped back to the bare essentials. A quarter support, heel support and some cushioning were all that Raasch needed to create a running silhouette that reflected the simplicity the Roshe concept symbolised.

The shape of the shoe was based on the image of a Zen master meditating in his garden, with the OG Iguana colourway coming from the dark green moss and leaves that would surround him. The sole uses the Nike natural motion waffle pattern, modified to look like Zen garden stepping stones.

Although packed with the tiny details that make Nike silhouettes iconic, the Roshe was built to be versatile. Barefoot or with socks. Running or walking. Dressed up or dressed down. It’s one of the few sneakers that’s designed for every element of modern life.

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