My third and final story brings us to the photos I took in that abandoned asylum.

A few days had passed and after some other shoots in different places, I finally had chance to sit and look through the pictures from that fateful day. The way I work involves looking across my images, getting rid of the bad, keeping the good and putting some aside for re-working. After a pretty straightforward selection, something in one of the photos caught my eye:

Asylum ghost photo

A zoom and a crop revealed something that appeared sinister. I went back to the original image to see it without any noise from my processing cycle.

Asylum ghost photo zoomed

Did I finally get to meet what was lurking in that abandoned asylum? Was this just a trick of the light? I don't know the answer, but I'll finish on this:

A large part of the asylum was demolished for future planning and we've been back since. On our return visits, nothing remotely spooky has happened. It's as though whatever it was, vanished with those areas of the building.

Like I said as I started, I'm not a believer in the supernatural, but out of the hundreds of places I've explored, nothing has ever come close to the things I experienced in that asylum.

Have an amazing Halloween. Explore everything!


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