IAMDDB is a name getting a lot of attention right now. Having just returned from a show in Berlin, she’s holding down performance spots at this years’ Outlook festival – not to mention getting a name drop from JME himself. 

We met with IAMDDB in South Manchester to chat style, music and to learn more about the mysterious ways of mermaid season.

Hey, it's great to meet you! It’s easy to see that you’re an energetic person when it comes to expressing yourself or being in front of the camera, how does having this type of energy influence your time when in the studio about to write or record?

- TBH, my energy always flows, I adapt to my environment. It allows me to be carefree and happy. I spent too much of my early years worrying about what other people thought, now I'm learning about myself intensely. I feel I've gained a lot of inner confidence through being able to express myself musically.

Speaking of writing and recording, can you tell us a little about your most recent project ‘Vibe Vol.2’ and what the concept behind that was?

- VIBE VOL 2 is exactly what it says - ISSA VIBE. Literally, more memories, more lessons learned in life, alongside some word play and attitude and a lot of truth. I hope whoever listens is able to relate in whatever way feels right to them. I'm all about dreams and fantasies, but at the same time very realistic and straight forward. I feel like VOL 2 is a good balance between standing your ground and accepting sh*t as it comes.


Recently, JME dropped you a mention on Twitter and was listening to your ‘Leaned Out’ track with INKA, what was your thoughts and response to seeing that?

- Yeah man big up JME, I don't really get gassed unless it’s about food or my babes, but seeing him notice me was extremely humbling, and a confirmation that I'm on the right path.

The lifestyle must be mad, is there any upcoming projects or news that you’re excited to announce that we should be watching out for?

- Yeah man, we are constantly riding waves and creating bangers. My next project drops this summer - HOODRICH VOL 3, I'm baaaaaare excited to drop this new material, it’s another vibe. I hope all the listeners appreciate it and feel as gassed as I do.


We’ve got that noted, but we’ve not brought you out to just talk work, I’m sure people are
reading this wanting to know more about what goes into your style where you draw your inspirations from when it comes down to putting an outfit together?

- You know what, I don't have a dress sense. If it’s different and daring, I'll flex it. The only inspiration I have is the fact I know I can't roam streets naked LMAO. I love slippers though (just saying if anyone wants to send me slippers lololol). Whatever mood I’m in, and whatever the weather is saying dictates what I wear.


So, we’ve heard you use the phrase “It’s mermaid season” a few times, can we dig a little deeper into what mermaid season is and how one can become a member of the mermaid season movement?

- Loooooool, everyone always presumes there’s a deep meaning. But na, I love long braids. When I have them I feel like a mermaid, and it just stuck with me. I recently learnt how to kind of swim on holiday which was so amazing as silly as it sounds. I have too much respeck for the ocean to f*ck around with it, but at the same time I feel like I have the deepest connection to it. So, there it is, MERMAIDSEASON.


Thanks for chatting with us! Make sure to follow all things mermaid season via facebook, soundcloud, and make sure to check IAMDDB’s set at Outlook Festival this week.