Queen Bey’s LEMONADE LP was a pretty big deal. Released back in April, it was the singer’s sixth studio album, and (just like her 2013 full-length) had a music video to accompany each song.

With Jay and Bey pushing TIDAL pretty hard just lately, the videos have been exclusive to subscribers so far. Luckily, the launch of the video for ‘Sorry’ finally gives the rest of us a chance to experience some of that visual goodness for ourselves.

A black and white affair, the short opens up with the ‘Apathy’ skit from the album, followed by four minutes of face paint, fierce lyrics and an appearance from Serena Williams.

Uploaded to her official VEVO channel on the 22nd June, check out the video below for your daily dose of Beyoncé branded sass:

Are you looking forward to seeing more from LEMONADE? Let us know which video you’d like to see next!