This week saw the release of the highly-anticipated Logan, the next installment in the Wolverine story and more importantly, Hugh Jackman’s last appearance as the man with the metal claws.

To celebrate, we’ve delved deep into the extensive back-catalogue of questionable X-Men characters to find some of the worst mutants of all time. 

Brace yourself, some of these are really bad!

1. Bailey Hoskins


Bailey’s power is that he can explode, which by anyone’s standards sounds a decent power to have, right?

But, there’s a catch. He can’t regenerate, or put himself back together, or basically do anything that allows him to come back from the pretty life-changing act of blowing himself up. 

Bailey spends his time with the X-Men team wearing an armoured suit which stops him from combusting and essentially killing himself and anyone in his close proximity.

We’re surprised he has any mates, to be honest.



A fairly new character in X-Men terms, Forget-Me-Not’s power is a memorable one – or maybe not. 

Apparently, FMN’s ability is that no one has any recollection of his existence at all. Not even Professor X can remember him, and has to set a once-an-hour psychic reminder to let himself know that the guy actually exists. 

Forget-Me-Not has been helping the X-Men team for the past six years, unbeknownst to them. But here’s the twist – we knew that he existed, we just didn’t know that we knew. 

Angelo Espinosa AKA Skin


Angelo’s super power is more gross than it is unnecessary. According to the X-Men comics, he possesses an extra four to six feet more skin than a normal human being – giving him the appearance of a melted candle.

Skin doesn’t identify as a mutant, but instead claims that his power came about after he was bitten by a radioactive elephant, which turned his skin grey and gave him the ability to stretch it.

Although he has can control and manipulate it, compressing his extra skin gives Angelo migraines and so he learned to accept his candle-y appearance for what it was. Awww.  



If you’re thinking that Longneck’s power is a long neck, well you’re absolutely right. He's just a guy with a really long neck.

Other than that, he has no real powers. The super neck had no use other than making him stand out in a crowd. 

Sadly, Longneck was depowered and his neck was snapped, killing him instantly. A pretty sad ending to an already weird story.



This guy’s power sounds like it was dreamt up by a five-year-old chatting to his mates at break time – “If I had a super power it would be to turn myself into any flavor of ice cream that I wanted.” Dream big, kid. 

The upside? He can turn himself into any flavor he wants, including banana-split. The downside? Ice cream melts.

The worst part is that Eye-Scream was actually the bad guy. He tried to mess with the X-Men after he became jealous of their abilities, and was eventually defeated after they lowered the temperature of the room he was in so that he turned into a block of frozen ice-cream. No lie.



Originally a drug runner, John Zander was a high school drop-out, selling Toad Juice on the mean streets of Detroit. That, is before he became Jazz, a blue skinned mutant with fairly mediocre rapping skills. 

Aside from the ability to drop sick rhymez, Jazz had no real powers, and his blue skin did nothing other than make him look like a new member of the Blue Man Group.

Luckily for him, Jazz was one of the few mutants to keep his abilities after the fateful M-Day. He was later killed after trying to sell drugs during an X-Trip to Salem. That’s karma, kids.

Reckon you could come up with anything worse than the power of having a long neck? We're not sure it's possible. Hit us up in the comments and do your best (or worst).