Festivals can be one of the best things about the summer, but they attract all kinds of people, and some of them ain’t pretty. 

Teaming up with illustrator @bruce_draws, we’ve put together five of the guys that you're definitely going to see at this year's festivals (and might want to avoid!):

1. The live streamers

the live streamer

Do they even know who’s on stage? Probably not. They’re too busy making sure everyone’s social feeds are full of their face. 

Most likely to be found: Somewhere near the front, videoing the entire gig and blocking everyone's view with their phone.  

2. The guy that went too far

the guy that went too far

You’ve queued up for 45 mins just to open the toilet door and find this guy KOed on the floor. It’s only 12pm on the first day and nobody can figure out how he managed to get this bad so quickly.

Most likely to be found: Unconscious. 

3. The fancy dress douchebags 

the fancy dress douchebags

You just know these guys have been planning their festival outifits all year. Beware of the guy in the mankini though, or you might see something that you really don't want to.

Most likely to be found: In clear view of everyone in the middle of the arena, over-using the word ‘banter’ and hugging anyone that walks past.

4. The old school raver 

old skool raver

Only emerging at night, this guy looks like he spends the rest of the year watching Antiques Roadshow in a rocking chair. Armed with his neon accessories, Happy Mondays tee and pair of glow sticks, he lives for the bass, and he'll make sure you know about it.

Most likely to be found: Throwing shapes in the corner at a late night DJ set.

5. The incompetent camper  

the incompetent camper

A close cousin of the guy that went too far, this lad's probably never stayed away from home before and just can't cope with the excitement.

He’s got a tent but lost the instructions on the first night. Let's just hope it doesn't rain, because that thing doesn't look like it'll stay up if things get wet!

Most likely to be found: Lying in a partially made tent under a pile of empty cans.