We're all about getting into the Halloween spirit here at Footasylum, but typical cheesy Halloween music isn't our vibe (although Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' is still a banger).

Make sure you get to the bottom for a Halloween playlist to rival all Halloween playlists, featuring some of our favourite grime and hip hop tracks that will keep the scary vibe going without completely killing your street cred. 

Ice Cube - Sasquatch


Ice Cube's video for 'Sasquatch' is a mockery of your predictable American slasher film. Watch him follow a girl around a house with a machete and stalk high school kids in the woods. 

Dizzee Rascal - Couple Of Stacks 


Dizzee spits verses while portraying a knife wielding murderer in this one. Seriously gory. You've been warned!  

Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks On Me

Paranoia is the theme of this Geto Boys vid from 1991. Watch out for the twist at the end.  

JME - Taking Over

JME explores a haunted house owned by Logan Sama. Standard.