Think you've pondered on every life dilemma possible during lockdown? Think again. Chunkz and Filly have been reunited (over video chat) to answer some seriously important life questions.

If you've completed Netflix and iPlayer our YouTube has hours of binge-worthy boxsets to entertain you while you stay at home.

Think Twice is one of our latest additions to our YouTube channel and we don't want to boast but it's a must-watch. Chunkz and Filly take on hot takes and trending topics, debating each other’s snap judgements on some of the biggest questions in the UK now. 

Ever wondered who Chunkz and Filly would sign to their imaginary record label, or whether they believe in men paying on the first date? Well, wonder no more.

Tune in to Think Twice and get all the answers to all the questions you never knew you needed answering.

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