Bored of working from home? Free Netflix trial ended? Sick of daytime TV? Don't panic- Footasylum is bringing you the goods.

With over 843,000 subscribers and 153 million views, if you haven't watched one of our YouTube series yet you're pretty late to the party.

Whether you want to be transported to an island far away, learn how to cook or test your general knowledge we've got you covered with our collection of original YouTube series for you to binge-watch from home.

Think Twice

Chunkz, Yung Filly and Nella Rose take on hot takes and trending topics, debating each other’s snap judgements on some of the biggest questions in the UK now. 


Locked In

Want to know what would happen if you locked 10 YouTubers in a house taking away the WiFi, and made them compete in daily challenges to win a £10,000 charity prize. The best part is, that our subscriber's comments decide what they do next. 10 creators living together, competing against each other - things are going to get messy.


Does the Shoe Fit?

Let's be honest none of us are that smooth at dating and no matter what Instagram might suggest you'll be relieved to hear that even YouTubers and former Love Island contestants find the dating game pretty impossible. So sit back and watch all four series as KSI, Chunkz, Yung Filly, Jack Fowler, Harry Pinero, Konan and Jordan Hames attempt to find their Cinderella while the other contestants watch their every move. Love a cringe-fest? This one's for you.

You Think You Know Music?

Looking for the ultimate music quiz? We've got it covered. Play along as Chunkz and Filly try to guess the song from the lyrics and guess the artist from quick-fire rounds. Let's just say it gets a little bit competitive with a few singalongs included.

Best Friend Test

Think Chunkz and Filly's bond is unbreakable? Here at Footasylum we put their friendship to the ultimate test. Think they know each other's birthdays, favourite colour and meal? Think again. If you're living with someone during lockdown play along for extra entertainment.

UNLCKDOWN Challenges

Isolation can be tough. But we're here to banish your boredom. Produced, filmed and edited remotely the UNLCKDOWN Challenge Series gives you a sneak peek into the Beta Squad house while Chunkz and AJ compete in a series of Lockdown games.

If you've reached peak boredom and ran out of things to do yourself why not sit back and watch Chunkz and AJ build a birdbox, play board games and guess the celebrity.

Footasylum Travel Guide

Sick of staring at the same four walls? Want to escape to somewhere far away without the hassle? Our Travel Guide featuring LV General, Chunkz, Yung Filly and AJ will take you from South East Asia to the USA, experience a Full Moon Party, brave a bungee jump or explore a haunted building without even scanning your boarding card.

UNLCKD Challenge Series

Unlock two series of complete madness with the UNLCKD Challenge series. Watch your favourite YouTubers battle it out in teams for neverending gloating rights. From naked drawing to racing frogs, if you need a bit of laughter in your day-to-day Footasylum has you covered.


Impress your housemates and learn some seriously impressive new dishes from Chunkz, Filly and a whole host of famous faces. Watch as the chefs battle it out to create the best dish from completely random ingredients which most of us have somewhere at the back of the cupboards.

General Knowledge

Test your general knowledge with Chunkz and Filly as they attempt to answer general knowledge questions which might just push them to their limits. Lifehack- pause and play along if you've run out of things to talk about with your housemates.

Want more? Visit our official YouTube channel and prepare to get lost in hours of binge-worthy entertainment.