When Loyle Carner tweeted about ‘Urban Greening’ earlier in July, the prospect of implementing the project in London seemed a little farfetched even for the rapper cum activist. But, fast forward 3 months and the dream has become a reality.

On October 17th, Loyle Carner launched the Nature Needs Heroes campaign. With the help of Timberland, they plan to revive Suburban Thornton Heath through an Urban Greening movement, in an effort to give back to a town which helped him grow as an artist. On the day of the launch event which aimed to bring awareness to the project, we caught up with the rapper. Speaking of the project, Loyle Carner was keen to make this a community centred event, to extend the cause across London and continue the work for the foreseeable future. Whether it will leave much time for his musical endeavours, well you will just have to see what Carner said on the matter.

See below for the full interview with Loyle Carner. For a full round up of the day’s events, see our event recap posted last week.