We all know money can be a little tight while studying and even though you budget as much as possible, a bit of spare cash is always welcome.

If you're looking for ways to save and make money at uni without too much effort- we've got you covered.

Discover our tips on how to have a little bit extra cash in your back pocket this semester besides using your student discount.


Work at Uni

Okay so getting a job is normally the most obvious way to make a bit of money while studying but have you ever thought about getting a job on campus? A job at uni is more likely to fit around your studies and you don't have to commute too far- bonus!

Whether it's in the cafe, supplies shop or student union there'll be loads of jobs available that will be flexible enough for you to study, work and have a life.


Online Surveys

Yes, these are legit. Let's be honest how long do you spend scrolling through the same social feed every night? Just think how many surveys you could fill out in exchange for cash or vouchers. 

Obviously, make sure you use a legit site and don't get too obsessed with checking tiny boxes but how else would you be spending your time on your phone?


Get Creative

Everyone has a hidden talent and it's even better when you can make money from it. Whether you're a secret Picasso, a demon with a needle and wool or your brownies are award winning look into how you can make money from your talents.


Turn Old Clothes into Discounts

Instead of just throwing old clothes away and sending them to landfill do something good for the planet (and your bank balance) by recycling them with ReGAIN. Simply download the ReGAIN app, bag up your unwanted items, use the free shipping label provided and drop off your donations at your nearest drop off point for collection.

You'll then unlock discounts for your favourite shops, including 15% off at Footasylum so you can look fresh, save money and help the planet.