Buying trainers for somebody is a big step, whether it’s your fella, brother, bestie or your dad, there are a lot of boxes to be ticked and a lot that could go wrong – no pressure.
If you’re not a sneaker head and are lost in a sea of sneaks fear not, we’re handing you a lace and pulling you out with our fool proof guide to the top 12 sneaks of Christmas 2018.

adidas Originals Pod S3.1
A certified winner for the athletic guy in your life is the Pod S3.1. A simple trainer that brings a touch of the running track to everyday street style.

Nike VaporMax Plus
Not one for the faint hearted, the VaporMax is a bold statement sneak for the streetwear savvy guy in your life. You can’t go wrong with the classic black silhouette and chunky sole.


adidas Originals 80
Perhaps your dad is clinging onto his youth or your brother is going through a retro phase. Whoever it is, the Continental 80 is a classic trainer with a simple design for the more laid back, nostalgic guy.
Nike M2K
Of course we had to include the ultimate trainer. Who’d have thought dads could be so cool? The M2K Tekno is bold in design and colour and isn’t limited to dads; if your brother wants to channel his inner 40 something throwing it back to the 90s, who are you to judge?

Nike Air Max 97
Slightly more versatile than some of Nikes bolder choices, the 97 is a crowd pleaser, so whether your recipient is 18 or 38, they’ll be happy with a pair of these beauties.
The staple shoe of all jeans and a t-shirt kinda guys. Converse are as versatile as they are cool. Chuck them on with anything and you’re set for the day. Snap these up for the fella that needs a little shoe revamp but isn’t a full sneaker head.

Glorious Gangsta Zeus
An arguably less well-known brand but not one to be overlooked, Glorious Gangsta (GG) have a selection of stylish, simple every day trainers for the more casual and less streetwear guy in your life. Think Gucci without the price tag.

Vans Old Skool Mixed Check
Every man and his dog has a pair, so why not treat your guy to a new pair sans three-year-old festival mud? Another classic that you can’t go wrong with!

The Holy Grail in sporting trainers, if your guy is into his basketball then look no further. Hi tops low tops mid rises Jordan has all grounds covered. An icon in the trainer game, you’ll be racking up serious brownie points with a pair of these.
Hugo Boss
One for the Gok Wan in your life. If you’re buying for the king of all things style and luxe, Hugo Boss footwear is the epitome of luxe with sleek, elegant and simple designs straight from the catwalk to your stocking.

adidas Gazelle
A favourite for both men and women, the Gazelle is an effortless way to add a touch of class to your outfit. Perfect for the understated guy with an interest in both fashion and sports, a timeless classic that will be a winner in any household.

Air Max 270
Go big or go home. The biggest air filled heel in the game adding both style and comfort, the Air Max 270 is for your true Nike fan and a must-have in their collection.