At a time where everyone is talking about self-care, here at Footasylum we're all about sneaker care, which is why we stock the best trainer protection out there- Crep Protect.

It makes sense to take extra care of your footwear, especially if you’ve spent a ton of your hard-earned cash on the newest sneaks.

So while you've got a bit of extra time on your hands, now is the perfect time to give your favourite footwear some loving.



The first thing you can do to protect your sneaks is prevention. Failing to prepare means preparing to fail so if you have a favourite pair of trainers that you never want to come in harm's way you need to invest in some Crep Rain and Stain Shoe Care.

For use on canvas, nubuck and suede this can or protection creates an invisible coating which repels liquids and prevents stains for up to four weeks.

Never applied the spray before? It couldn't be easier. Make sure your trainers are clean and dry, shake the can well before use and evenly spray the trainer from 20cm away and in a well-ventilated area. Leave the barrier to dry for 10 minutes before applying a second coat. Your sneaks will now be covered for up to four weeks so set a reminder in your phone for your next trainer pamper session.


On The Go Cleaning

For on the go protection make sure you're always carrying a Crep Protect trainer wipe. Perfect for those tiny splashes or mini marks, each wipe has both a smooth and rough side. For general day to day cleaning the smooth side will keep your trainers looking on-point every day whereas the rough side is for those stubborn marks and that difficult midsole.

Available in a tin of 12 individually sealed cotton scented wipes, there's no excuse for your sneaks not to be looking fresh 24/7.


Full Clean

Now for the big task- we've all been there. Been caught off guard in a muddy patch? Underestimated how deep that puddle was? The Crep Protect Cure Set will have your favourite trainers looking brand new (with a bit of effort on your part). For enhanced results remove your laces and either treat yourself to new ones or throw them in the washing machine inside a pillowcase.

Give your sneaks a quick brush over to get rid of any dirt or dust while they are still dry. Wet your brush and apply a 50p size of the 98% natural cleaning solution to the brush. Then get stuck in and give your trainers a good scrub, making sure you've covered the upper and midsole. Once you think you've lifted all the dirt, rinse your brush and use to rinse the lather off your sneaks. Give your trainers plenty of time to dry before giving them a good buff with the microfibre cloth.

Of course, we'd then recommend giving them a spray with the Rain or Shine spray just to save you from having to go through the traumatic experience of having dirty trainers again.

Shop the full collection of Crep Protect products online and show your trainers some love.