Through lockdown we’ve been collaborating with some of our favourite influencers and Converse to create one of a kind Chucks.

This week we caught up with Tattoo Artist Meg from Dumb Lovers Studio to see how she created her monochrome masterpieces.

Meg created her simple and fresh designs using embroidery and hopes to inspire you all to pick up your favourite pair of Converse and a needle and thread and get customising.

What was the inspiration for your two designs?

I wanted to create designs on the Chucks which I felt reflected my personality, and something I could wear all the time. Monochrome is pretty much my go to for daily outfits, so I thought sticking with black on white would be a classic statement. I wanted to include my bunny, a daisy and the classic smiley heart.
Describe the process of creating your designs.

I first designed the shoes on Procreate, just a little doodle to try and see what was possible and what looked right without overdoing it, I then drew onto the trainers with the designs I wanted and then embroidered them. It was easy on some parts and harder on others towards the sole I had sore fingers afterwards!

First pair the high tops probably took me about three days in total to finish, and the low tops I did in a day, with those I just went with the flow of how I was feeling on the day again didn’t want to make them too over the top but include some of my favourite doodles. Happy and sad faces on the toes, hearts on the back and daisies one side of the shoes happy, and one sad. I suppose it goes with my constant up and down emotional rollercoaster that life is!
Did they turn out exactly as you wanted?

They turned out different to what I originally imagined but I think I may have thought it was going to be easier than it was! I do love how they turned out in the end.

What is your favourite feature of your creations?

On the low tops I love the happy and sad faces on the toes at the front of the shoes. It’s rare you see this on trainers and I felt it was an outstanding cool statement! And on the high tops, I love the daisy, it’s my little sister's name she’s currently in Brazil and always travelling the world so I always incorporate a daisy in there somewhere so she’s always with me even when she’s not.
How do they reflect your own personal style?

Even though all of my work is extremely colourful my clothing isn’t. My wardrobe consists of a lot of black, white and statement colours, but most clothes I wear are black! So, I felt If I were to wear a shoe I’ve created every day it would most certainly have to be monochrome!
Has this made you want to customise more of your own trainers/clothing?

I’ve actually always customised my clothes! But this is the first time I’ve done it to shoes so I will definitely be doing it to more! It’s nice to have customised pieces of clothing it makes you unique.
How important do you think expressing yourself through fashion is?

Oh god, so important fashion for me is a massive expression…most of the time.
It all depends on how I feel that day. But if I wake up in a ‘F**k it, let’s take on the world’ mood you’ll probably see me in a crazy outfit, but if I’m feeling subdued and calm I’ll probably just wear all black. I never want to fit in so for me fashion has to be daring, punk-inspired with a twist of your favourite 80s pop star!

Do you think having a creative outlet has helped you cope with Lockdown?

Absolutely, in this time I have been the most creative I’ve ever been in my life for sure, I have been able to create things that in normal life I wouldn’t have had time to do. I embroidered two cushions for our home which took me over 70 hours for both. I’ve painted, created gifs and more digital art. I think without art in this time I would have been in a very dark place, and I honestly feel very lucky for that to be a part of me and my life.

How long have you been a Tattoo Artist?

I have been a tattoo artists now since October 2017, I started hand poking from home, from there I got myself an apprenticeship worked my socks off learning as much as I could with the best teachers.  Then I took the plunge and went full time in October 2018, from there my career took off in ways I never thought could happen in a million years, I feel very lucky.

When inspired you to do this as a career?

I was working in sales selling s**t over the phone to people who didn’t want it, I went to work feeling anxious and left feeling angry. Most days I didn’t want to go in, I hated my boss, you know the classic cliché crap job which you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy! I was at such a dead end at the time, I was also in a band with my fiancé but it just wasn’t working out, music is a hard nut to crack. I wanted to be happy in my everyday life so my fiancé asked me what my dream job would be other than music, I said well a tattoo artist but it’s too far out of my reach, I always thought to be a tattoo artist you’d have to be able to draw realism and…well everything, later on I found out this isn’t the case! He was the driving force behind me starting tattooing, without him believing in me I wouldn’t be where I am now.
Any advice for any aspiring Tattoo Artist?

Don’t follow the crowd, don’t be a sheep! Create your own art, don’t do what everyone else does to try and get into it. You have to be different in this industry in order to stand out.